Intrusion Detection and Protection System (IDPS)

Protect your computer against today’s threats

Real time threat detection & isolation before a successful penetration can be made. We have a 100% success rate in detecting automated attacks and we offer all this for less than your daily cup of coffee.

Intrusion detection & protection products by VESNX

In today’s day and age, you need protection against malicious activity that goes beyond the protection offered by an AntiVirus. Not all malicious activity comes in the form of a known computer virus or trojan; you need something better, you need IDPS.

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Security framework 18032318 Downloads
100% success rate Hacker get detected
How much to get started Plans start at € 2.40 / month

World-class protection for everyone

Private individuals

When you use IDPS, you'll be better protected against internet attacks and attacks from smart home devices than if you use an antivirus alone.

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Small business

By using IDPS, you can eliminate the need for specialized security staff as IDPS will plug the security holes that make desktops & servers vulnerable to cybercrime. Can you really afford a security team, IDPS works 24/7 and is affordable.

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Midsize companies & organizations

IDPS turns your IT service provider into a cyber specialist and limits your exposure from industrial espionage and ransomware for a fraction of the cost with an unbeaten TCO.

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Globe IDPS Subscription
IDPS Device

An easy to use state of the art intrusion detection and protection system that seamlessly integrate with Windows and enhance windows defender to stop malware and Cyberattacks before they cause harm

Price € 28.80 per year / € 2.40 per month
Price includes € 4.90 VAT

Facts about our intrusion detection systems & real-time data

Regularly update your computers and devices.



Access from 237 Countries can be individually configured. Info
Internet Service Providers


Internet Service Providers (ISP) that can selectively be blocked or allowed. Info

Servers that are managed or have been infected by cybercriminals.

Infected Domains


There are 205 domains spreading malware and or are used in cybercrime. Info
Malware Servers


We have detected 215 servers that are right now being used in attacks. Info

Active out-of-the-box protection

Firewall Rules


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) maintains 2545 firewall rules so you don't have to. Info
Dark web


We track and block 1349 servers facilitate cybercrime.